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Getting Involved

If you know of trees in your region that show symptoms of poor health, then you can be involved by sharing your knowledge.

There are two main options for recording your data:

  • Option 1. If you have mobile internet access (on your phone, tablet or laptop), you can record your data directly into the SA Tree Watch website from the field.
  • Option 2. If you do not have mobile internet access, you can record data into the field guide and add it to the website later, or post a hard copy of your completed field guide.

The steps involved are as follows (Start at step 4 if you have mobile internet access):

  1. Print the field guide, or pick up a copy from the Coorong or Tatiara District Councils;
  2. Read through the field guide and take it in the field to the tree/s you wish to report on;
  3. Complete the questions in the field guide regarding each tree;
  4. From the website home page, click ‘Add a tree’ and follow the prompts from there to begin entering data into the website. Alternatively, you can post us a hardcopy of your completed field guide to SA Tree Watch, PO Box 399, Tailem Bend 5260.

We’ve endeavoured to make the website user-friendly. We have tried to achieve a balance between the ease of entering data and requesting sufficient information to discern different tree decline issues from the data. If you are planning to assess and enter information about more than one tree, the process will be more streamlined after the first tree.